Monday, April 28, 2008


I have come up with another cake idea ---- FUNnel cake layer cake (or fried dough layer cake). and if anyone will be able to and be glad to try to make this just send me the finished recipe.
Here is what you may need:
dough to fry
that is all and if you want to add anything else you can.
i wish you good luck, fresh ideas, and a well tasting CAKE!!!!!!!!


C.L. said...

Nice!! I guess we know what your birthday cake will be now huh??


Anonymous said...

Okay it is a deal. When I get there we will do some testing. lol Just don't tell Mom. teehee..

Maggie said...

Maybe you could use a funnel cake to top another cake. It would be the most delicious edible decoration ever! Or have a funnel cake on top of a brownie.

My son is about to turn 6 and he loves to make up his own recipes. I have to show him your site. He'll love it.


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